Terms & Conditions

§ 1 Scope
The following terms and conditions form part of any contract between the Milad Import Export, Rotenbrückenweg 24 22113 Hamburg (hereinafter Milad Import Export GmbH) and the customer (the customer).

§ 2 Conclusion of contract / contract services
(1) The contract is only with the receipt of Bestell-/Versandbestätigung reached by e-mail to the customer.

§ 3 Limitation of Liability / Indemnification
(1) Milad Import Export GmbH is liable with the exception of loss of life, body and health and the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) in respect of damage caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence. This applies also for indirect consequential losses, especially loss of profit.
(2) The liability to consumers, except for willful or grossly negligent conduct or damages arising from injury to life, limb and health and the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) to on of contract typically foreseeable damage and moreover, the amount of the contract typical average damage will be limited. This applies also for indirect consequential damages, including lost profits.
(3) The liability to companies except in the case of loss of life, body or health, or willful or grossly negligent behavior of the Milad limited Import Export on the contract of the typically foreseeable damage and moreover, the amount of contract typical of the average damage. This applies also for indirect damages including lost profits.
(4) The limitation of liability under paragraphs 1 to 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the employees and agents of Milad Import Export GmbH
(5) jurisdiction is: Hamburg
Cancellation and return policy
Withdrawal for consumers (consumer is any natural person who enters into a transaction for a purpose that is neither commercial nor their independent vocational activity may be attributed) Right of cancellation You may cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (eg . letter, fax, e-mail) or - if the goods before the deadline - by returning the goods. The time limit begins after receipt of this notification in writing, but not before receiving the goods to the consignee (in case of recurring deliveries of similar goods not before receipt of the first installment), and also does not fulfill our obligations under Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 Abs . EGBGB 1 and 2 as well as our obligations in accordance with § 312e Section 1 Clause 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or thing. The revocation must be sent to:. Cancellation In the event of effective cancellation the mutually received benefits and any benefits (eg interest) surrendered. Can you give us the performance received whole or in part only in a deteriorated condition, you must pay us compensation for the value. With the release of things this does not apply if the impairment is only on the test - as they would in a retail store - is due. In addition, you can avoid the obligation to pay compensation for a purpose by putting the goods caused by the goods as your property and everything that could reduce its value. Transportable items are to be returned at our risk. You have to bear the cost of return if the delivered goods ordered and if the price of the commodity is the sum of not exceeding 40 euros or if you are at a higher price the thing is not at the time of the cancellation, compensation or an agreement agreed part payment provided. Otherwise, the return is free of charge. Non-transportable goods will be picked up. Obligations to reimburse payments must be made within 30 days. The time limit begins for you when you send your cancellation or the goods, for us, with their reception. Exclusion of the withdrawal right, the right does include for contracts to supply goods that are produced according to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal needs or which are not due to their condition suitable for its return or spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed, the supply of audio or video recordings or software if the delivered data carriers have been unsealed by you and the supply of newspapers and magazines (unless you want the sales contract for the supply of newspapers and magazines have given the phone). End of the cancellation.

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